Reason to Ride: Bare Feet

Happy feat in San Francisco. Via Instagram/Timbuk2.

Reasons to Ride: Right of Way

Via Instagram/Timbuk2.

Women Who Ride: Jessica Nguyen

Continuing our Ride Like You Want To series on how to ride in style, Women Who Ride is a new series of posts featuring real women who ride and how they make it work. We hope to inspire and teach more women to ride like they want to. Meet Jess Nguyen. Statistician for the Fed [...]

Ride Like You Want To: Riding in the Rain

Riding a bike makes you feel like you’re 12 again, but riding in the rain makes you want to jump in puddles. I didn’t ride in the rain for years, but as my aversion to taking bus has grown over time, I’ve embraced riding in the rain. Today I discovered that my rain kit is [...]

Ride Like You Want To: Coordinate

Timbuk2 designer Kacie rocks pink and purple like a tomboy and we love it. Kacie’s pink and purple kit.

Ride Like You Want To: Valet

Timbuk2 designer Kacie and I recently discovered a new way to park in the city. Valet. We attend a talk on #whatworks in American manufacturing hosted by Monocle and GE at the St. Regis in downtown San Francisco. The St. Regis is a posh hotel in a terrible bike parking neighborhood. So Kacie and I [...]

Riding with Style

I recently guest-blogged for my style-homeland on the Internet, TomboyStyle. Author Lizzie Garrett Miller inspires her readers with history, profiles, and products that liberate and celebrate tomboys worldwide. As a lifelong tomboy who cares about style but loves riding a bike, I felt compelled to share my tips for riding with style with Lizzie’s TomboyStyle [...]

What To Do When You’re Doored

On December 1, 2011, I got doored (ugh). It was my first really scary bike crash and I was lucky to walk away uninjured. The car door slammed into my frame, knocking me into traffic. Fortunately no cars were coming and my head took a solid bonk, but my helmet protected me from injury. While [...]

Crashing is Part of Riding

It was a December to remember. In one week, three Timbuk2 employees suffered serious bike crashes. Carlos got doored a block from our office and picked up a wooze-inducing concussion plus grotesque bruising. A few days later, a car pulled in front of Jared, causing him to go over the handlebars and break his collar [...]

Ride Like You Want To: Winter Riding

Winter riding is crisp and refreshing, but it can also be a freezing nightmare. Cold-induced ear aches and nose drops – tell me I’m not the only one! – can lead one to reconsider riding in the winter months. The following are my tips for taking the bite out of your winter ride. Head: I [...]