Can Bikes Save Us?

This morning we came across Cliff Kuang’s fantastic post, How Bikes Can Save Us, and our office is buzzing with anecdotes and possibility. Continuing our discussion of Riding Like You Want To, my thoughts on Kuang’s post are the following: On Fitness: I’m a super active person, so I don’t consider my bike commute vigorous [...]

Ride Like You Want To: Footwear

I’ve never felt comfortable riding with clip pedals in the city. I know I’d gain efficiency in my pedal stroke if I locked my feet in, but I don’t want to and I’m not going to (hands-on-hips). I swapped my clip pedals with a Timbuk2 friend long ago and I’m very happy with his flat [...]

Ride Like You Want To: Part I

I am not a priss, but I do enjoy dressing like a girl (sometimes). However, I like riding my bike more. So what is one to do? After years of bike commuting, I’ve discovered key bike commute accessories and written about them here, but it’s time to tackle this subject head-on. This is the first [...]