Timbuk2 Golden Ticket

Golden Ticket 2

Every month in 2013, lucky makers of Timbuk2 custom bags will win a Timbuk2 Golden Ticket. . . Will you find one of these in your custom Timbuk2 bag? Learn more about the Timbuk2 Golden Ticket Contest here.

The Twins!

San Francisco Twins

We are so sad that one of the twins has passed away. “Vivian Brown, half of the iconic twin sisters of San Francisco, died [last] Wednesday night.” San Francisco will never be the same.

City Hall Candy Cane

Christmas in San Francisco

Merry Christmas from San Francisco.

Timbuk2 + Uber

Timbuk2 + Uber

We are for bikes, but sometimes you just can’t, won’t, or don’t want to ride. In times like those, we Uber. Uber is an on-demand car service, born in San Francisco that connects professional licensed drivers with riders via a very smart iPhone or Android app. Press the request button and within minutes a car [...]

Giants Fever


For the second time in three years the San Francisco Giants won the World Series and baseball fever swept over the City. Our office was far from immune to the baseball frenzy as many Timbuk2ers had closely followed the hometown team throughout the topsy-turvy season. Groups from the office went out to the ballpark together, some [...]

Critical Mass 20th

Critical Mass 4

A large group of Timbuk2ers geared up last Friday hopped on their bikes and got together at Justin Herman plaza for a ride to remember. The ever controversial Critical Mass bike ride was celebrating its 20th anniversary in its hometown, so this was definitely not a ride to miss. What started as a movement to [...]

Danny Does it Again

Danny in San Francisco

Danny, you are nuts and we love you for it.

Power Q & Commute

Timbuk2 + Joey

Tired of the crowded airport power socket hover? Wish your iPad would stop dying mid-movie on mountains tops and salty shores? Spend countless hours tethered to the nearest wall? Power Q and Commute to the rescue! We partnered with Joey® Energy to develop the first series of purpose-built bags with a power supply to charge [...]

Made in San Francisco


We are thrilled to welcome the first TSA compliant custom bag to our made in San Francisco lineup. We give you the Custom Commute Messenger. We love its oh-so-sexy TSA compliance, padded compartments for your laptop and iPad, stretchy water bottle pockets, grab strap for easy lifting, beloved key fob for security, and many many [...]

Spills and Shoulders


Our man Jordan took a spill last night and suffered a Type II shoulder separation. He then rode home, slept on it, rose in the morning, rode to the hospital, had it adjusted, put on a sling, strapped his messenger bag over his other shoulder, and rode to work. No biggie. Jordan, post sling ride [...]