Back to School

Screen Shot 2012-09-07 at 5.24.20 PM

It’s that time of year again when students hit the snooze button and beg for a few more minutes of sleep. 8 am classes await and rushing out of the house is part of the routine. To spruce things up for the return to the classroom, we thought we’d give away some amazing prizes in [...]

Summer Kit Giveaway


We’re stoked to announce the Timbuk2 Summer Park Kit Giveaway with a slew of awesome prizes for one lucky winner. We partnered up with some great brands to put together the perfect setup for your next adventure in the park. Need to keep your beers cold? Check. The Dolores Chiller will keep your suds frosty [...]

Copper Bottom, Welcome Back

Ok so I am feeling kind of old these days because I am terribly excited when things come BACK in style.  One of these things that I have really been missing from the late 80′s is Copper Toenail Polish.  I don’t and will never wear fingernail polish, but toenail polish is awesome in my book. [...]

Timbuk2 Sanuk Love Fest

We spent the day drinking chilled beverages and brainstorming on Timbuk2/Sanuk world domination at Sanuk headquarters yesterday. It was fun to see Timbuk2 splashed around the office and of course, our feet were very happy in Sanuks. Fun things to come. . . and it all started on Twitter. A super stoked Sanuk guru @ [...]

Timbuk A Sketch

Our friends @Sanuk Etch a Sketched themselves on their @Sanuk Facebook wall on Wednesday and inspired us to do the same. Our man Andrew actually has an Etch A Sketch (actually, it’s a MagnaDoodle) he uses for top-secret negotiations and high-intensity strategy sessions at T2 headquarters. After he saw the Sanuk A Sketch he felt [...]