350 High Fives

Founders Black Key for Bay Area Bikeshare. Member #363

At high noon, August 30, 2013, 350 shiny, new teal bicycles in San Francisco came to life in North America’s newest city bike share program: Bay Area Bike Share. These 350 bikes are apart of a larger family of 750 bike share bikes across 4 other cities in the Bay area that will to allow commuters [...]

Polk Street Showstopper


This hot hairy mess was spotted on Polk Street this morning in a Zeitgeisted HAL Backpack. #ridetowork

El Taco Bike

As you push through artsy strollers at the Oakland Art Murmur (first Friday of every month) and make your way to the “Giant Burger” parking lot (Telegraph & 21st), you’ll have a “Happy Days” flashback. Vintage cars fill the lot, a DJ spins cruisin’ tunes and the crowd busts sock hop moves. But the jewel last Friday was [...]

Bubbleways in Sydney

It’s a simple equation. Exercise balls + ballistic nylon + San Francisco manufacturing = Sydney art installation Need us to break the equation down? Here it goes: Local design and manufacturers Timbuk2 and Rebar Group work comfortably together in the red brick building on Shotwell at 20th Street in San Francisco’s Mission neighborhood. They run [...]

Showstoppers: The Streets of San Francisco

Burners with an Artist Original and an artist’s original. Photo by Elia. Lower Polk Street phone talking. Photo by Elia. A fuller version of The Freak?! Photo by Elia New yoga mat + farm fresh eggs. Could this be a San Francisco scene? Photo by Elia.

Field Testing the Chiller

We rigorously tested the Chiller before releasing it to parks and beaches worldwide. It was difficult, but you’re worth it. How to Field Test the Chiller Step 1) Take a Chiller to the beach on a legitimate beach day in San Francisco. Note, this is very difficult. Step 2) Crack a chilled beverage with your [...]

Dolores Chiller Part Deux

It’s that time of year again. The sun is out, the nights are long and your local park is expecting you with your favorite frosted beverage. This is how the Dolores Chiller was born. It was 2009 and we were tired of carrying 12-packs on our backs. So we developed this convert cooler. Is it [...]