Showstopper: Rad Dad

We spotted Mike at SFO with his loved-for-years Timbuk2 messenger, young daughter, beautiful pregnant wife, a doll in his cargo pocket, and tattoos climbing out of his socks. Needless to say, we’re sending him a Stork. Cheers to doing things your own way. Mike, the raddest dad at SFO. See more Timbuk2 Showstoppers here and [...]

49ers in the Bay

Spirits were high on the streets and runways of San Francisco yesterday. MUNI actually tempted folks to ride and SFO was decked in red and gold. Would the 49er’s go all the way?! Unfortunately not, but we all enjoyed the surge of pride in our city by the bay. MUNI was looking for the win. [...]

SFO Showstopper: Matt & the Hacker

We recently spotted Matt in SFO with his Hacker. He searched for three months until he found his perfect bag, the Blogger. Matt likes how the Hacker can be a messenger and a backpack and a laptop bag. After he bought one two of his friends bought them too and his wife has claimed his [...]

SFO Showstoppers

These guys were recently spotted with their messengers in SFO. They make TSA checkpoints and moving sidewalks look glamorous. See all our SFO Showstoppers here. An SFO Showstopper about to domo TSA with his messenger. If you close your eyes and feel your monitor, you can tell this guy is a pilot carrying a T2 [...]

SFO Showstopper

We recently spotted this girl in SFO. Oh mighty messenger, how you schlep for thee. . . See more Showstoppers here. Tiny lady, big bag.