Very Scary Shark Week


We love Shark Week so much, we made a messenger for it. Fresh from breeding in the Farallon Islands, the 2012 edition of our Shark Messenger is more terrifying than ever. It features a dangerous, carnal printed liner, new extra sharky skin in a size small, for more stealth carrying. The original Shark Messenger was [...]

Bike Crashes & Shark Attacks

Our man Jared recently took a spill and said, “I fell off my bike and all I got was this stupid sling.” Jared post crash. His comment was no-doubt inspired by our Shark Messenger caption contest on Facebook last week. @Shannon Johnson’s winning caption: “I ate the whole shark and all I got was this [...]

Sharky Shopping in Hayes Valley

Our retail store is taking Shark Week very seriously, and so is our Shark Messenger. Dangerous shopping zone. Sharktacular. Sharky sidewalk @506 Hayes Street.

Sharks on a Train

OK. There was only one shark and it was on a cable car and we had Jeremiah instead of Samuel L. Jackson, but it was just as scary. It was a foggy, rather frigid San Francisco morning and the Timbuk2 film crew hit the streets to make a cover-my-eyes-for-me-I’m-so-scared shark movie to launch our limited [...]

The Shark Messenger is Here

Don’t say we didn’t warn you. The Timbuk2 Shark Messenger is here!

Terrifying TPU

Shark Week has hit the Timbuk2 factory. A roll of terrifying TPU.

Sleeping with the Enemy

Timbuk2 little man Nash has been rocking his shark PJs all week in anticipation of Shark Week. He’s ready. Nash, ready for sweet dreams of 5,000 pound Great Whites.

T-Minus 5 Days

. . . until Shark Week! Dharma the shark is very very hungry.

Shark Week Is Coming

T-minus 20 days until Shark Week. Dharma is ready. Are you?! Terrifying and ravenous. You best avoid this bitch! Dharma the urban shark Chihuahua and her slave human.