Ask & You Shall Receive

We’re very proud to launch our Snoop Camera Insert. The insert enables you to convert a Timbuk2 messenger bag into a camera bag. So how did we get here? Because of you. When we launched our Snoop Camera Messenger in October 2010, you were ecstatic! Four years of requests for a camera bag finally ended [...]

WIYB: Snoop

Tweeted by @paulcredmond on September 28. See more Timbuk2 WIYB photos here & worldwide WIYB photos here.

Camera Messenger Bag Journal

It’s been exciting to see our community react to the Snoop Camera Messenger bag. As a newbie to Timbuk2 last year, I heard about the passionate pleas for a Timbuk2 camera bag. =) My wife is a photographer, so my ears naturally perk up when there’s any camera-related talk around the office. Now that the [...]

Snoop Camera Messenger

This handy feature map of our new Snoop Camera Messenger calls out the 12 reasons why (we think) it rocks.