Back to School

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It’s that time of year again when students hit the snooze button and beg for a few more minutes of sleep. 8 am classes await and rushing out of the house is part of the routine. To spruce things up for the return to the classroom, we thought we’d give away some amazing prizes in [...]

Lucky Random Winner: Bethany O

Following in the footsteps of October’s lucky random winner Kerry Phillips, Bethany O has won our February Facebook contest. We love all our fans, on and off bikes. But we feel charmed that Bethany, like Kerry, is already an avid cyclist and Timbuk2 fan. Yes, the winner was selected at the same time Putin was [...]

To Earbud or Not to Earbud

We recently asked folks on Facebook and Twitter, “Do y’all listen to headphones when you ride? Or do you listen to your ride?” 99 people responded with passionate campaigns for riding clean and with beats. The vast majority (69.5%) of respondents are purists; they listen to their ride. But a significant 29% rock out while [...]