Summer Kit Giveaway


We’re stoked to announce the Timbuk2 Summer Park Kit Giveaway with a slew of awesome prizes for one lucky winner. We partnered up with some great brands to put together the perfect setup for your next adventure in the park. Need to keep your beers cold? Check. The Dolores Chiller will keep your suds frosty [...]

Polk Street Showstopper

Running into friends on the ride to work is the best. It makes you feel like you’re riding to homeroom instead of the stock exchange. I ran into one of my favorite people on Polk this morning. Like a good friend, Tawny was dutifully pedaling to work while wearing a Timbuk2 bag. Guess this means [...]

Flowers in the Hood

It started with one lonely blossom but now there are dozens! It’s summer on Shotwell Street. These flowers say, “It’s summer in San Francisco dammit!”

Heavy Haul with the Chiller

In order to film this video, Jordan had to carry a video camera, tripod, bike lock, two bags of ice and a 12 pack of Corona bottles on his back across the entire city. He did it with a backpack and a Chiller. The things we do for highbrow film . . . Jordan’s outrageous [...]

Field Testing the Chiller

We rigorously tested the Chiller before releasing it to parks and beaches worldwide. It was difficult, but you’re worth it. How to Field Test the Chiller Step 1) Take a Chiller to the beach on a legitimate beach day in San Francisco. Note, this is very difficult. Step 2) Crack a chilled beverage with your [...]

Arm Warmers Part Trois

Three arm warmer days in one week in San Francisco? This is starting to feel like summer. . . Another tank top and Riyoko armwarmers day. Learn more about must-have bike commute accessories here.

Arm Warmers Part Deux

It’s an arm warmers kind of day in San Francisco. That means it’s nice enough not to wear a jacket and everyone is acting crazy because they’re drunk on sunshine. Anyone who knows San Francisco knows that summer doesn’t really exist here. Indian summer in September and October yes, but summer summer in July and [...]