Reason to Ride: Bare Feet

Happy feat in San Francisco. Via Instagram/Timbuk2.

Field Testing the Chiller

We rigorously tested the Chiller before releasing it to parks and beaches worldwide. It was difficult, but you’re worth it. How to Field Test the Chiller Step 1) Take a Chiller to the beach on a legitimate beach day in San Francisco. Note, this is very difficult. Step 2) Crack a chilled beverage with your [...]

Arm Warmers Part Trois

Three arm warmer days in one week in San Francisco? This is starting to feel like summer. . . Another tank top and Riyoko armwarmers day. Learn more about must-have bike commute accessories here.

Summer in San Francisco

We had a hot photo shoot on the beach this morning. It involved cold beers and bikinis @ 9 am – the miracle of limes – but Jared’s bike stole the show. Jared’s baby mama.