Timbuk2Fans 4

We recently launched Timbuk2Fans.com as a tribute to Timbuk2 fans who romp around the world with trusty Timbuk2 companions. Within a few minutes of letting our fans know about the new site, we were seeing requests to allow for submissions! We were stoked to see this level of enthusiasm and were scratching our heads as to [...]


timbuk2fans 3

We recently launched Timbuk2fans.com as a tribute to Timbuk2 fans who romp around the world with trusty Timbuk2 companions. We receive so many great photo submissions from fans with their bags around the world through our social commnity that we decided collect and organize these images in a steady stream of Timbuk2 goodness . Our goal is to celebrate the fantastic community of fans we have and [...]

Fan Mail: Camels

We love fan mail and the pictures that come along with it. Here is Jo and her Timbuk2 story. I’m all excited–heading home to US soon for the summer after my first year in UAE, and I ordered myself a custom tote (to match my L laptop messenger). Figured I should order ahead to give [...]

Fan Mail: Timbuk2 in Nanjing

Our friend Bill from Le Travel Store in San Diego sent us this outrageously cool photo from his travels with a Copilot and Commute 2.0 in Nanjing. Le talented photographer! Bill explained, “The funny thing about this photo {is that} while the station guard looks quite serious, he was bubbling with personality and hamming it [...]

Globetrotting: Malaysia

A long long way from San Francisco, this Timbuk2 fan was spotted rolling a Timbuk2 Copilot and new pack through the streets of Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. A Timbuk2 traveler rolling through Sabah.

Traveling with Timbuk2

In a perfect world, airports look like this: Via instragram/timbuk2 on Nov 23, 2011. Via @marissamakes on Nov 23, 2011.

What Happens in Vegas

. . . stays in Vegas, unless we catch you in the act. A Timbuk2 Copilot escaping Sin City.

Fan Mail: Timbuk2 in Sweden

Ahhh, Sweden. Land of summer cabins, sturdy boats, smörgåsbord, blonde and bikes! This Timbuk2 fan rode his way around the Sweden’s greatest hits. Have a photo of your latest romp you’d like to share? Send it to social@timbku2.com. And see more Fan Mail photos here.

Wingman Rides

Our Wingman Suitcase seems custom built to a fit Harley Road King. Our CEO Mike used the Wingman’s cross body strap to lash it onto this bike. Vroom. The Wingman lashed to the back of a Harley. Use at your own risk.

Wadi Rum Vacation

Forget Vegas. The Menghettis do Wadi Rum. The Candy Bar in good company. A Meneghetti, a Wadi Rum local and a very lucky Timbuk2 Candy Bar.