Twitter Fan Mail

We recently spotted this tweet: Stoked to see this old-school Timbuk2 Messenger, we sent out an email to our entire crew to make sure they got to see it. We got in touch with Chase and were lucky enough to hear of his amazing journey with his now “vintage” bag. In ’93 or ’94, I [...]

How Do You Bike Commute?

Last week we did some hardcore research on Facebook. We asked folks if they do/not ride with headphones (70% do not) and then we wondered how many folks were actually riding. This is what we learned: 28% of the 241 Timbuk2 Facebook fans polled ride their bikes to work. Initially I was bummed it wasn’t [...]

@ChefJohnny’s Timbuk2 Messenger

We recently met @ChefJohnny on when he asked if Timbuk2 would consider making a chef’s knife bag. We are exploring that idea; we love to hear product ideas! Remember the Snoop Camera Messenger? @ChefJohnny mentioned that he carried a custom Timbuk2 bag and he was kind enough to share his story and a few [...]